About Ngoc Anh Kim

Who is NAK?

Ngoc Anh Kim or NAK is a born natural artist. The world of beauty is something that she has revolved around all her life. NAK began her career as a lounge singer at the young age of 14. Being in love with music, she honed her talent and pursued a vocal major at the University of Culture and Arts. She also enrolled in National University of Music. From then on, she has realized her dream of being a professional singer and has captivated numerous audiences. 

Her popularity grew and was recognized by almost every magazine, publication, and banner. With the love and fame she has been receiving, in 2001, she abruptly retired from singing and married the man of her dream. NAK said that she still adored music and she simply stopped but did not give up. The artist that she is, she has ventured into the fashion and cosmetics scene that same year.

Aside from her love of music, she has a plethora of other interests that she has explored and nurtured up to this day. For her, the two bloodlines of business and art have always flowed through her veins; she enjoys both and will continue to pursue them for the rest of her life.

“The owner is an expert on acne treatment and scar treatment, love my skin after getting a facial from her. Highly recommended!!!”

~ Travis Vu

With almost 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Ngoc Anh Kim gathers and leads the best beauty professionals who are highly-skilled and highly-trained in beauty care services. This competent team of beauty experts ensure that skin care service is uplifted to international standards. She has attended numerous seminars and training, and remains up to date on all the new and innovative aesthetic offerings.